IQ NRW Teilprojekt der MOZAIK gGmbH:
"Niedrigschwellige Begleitung zur beruflichen Anerkennungs- und Qualifizierungsberatung durch Ehrenamtliche aus Migrantencommunities in NRW"

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For these and further questions about the recognition of professional qualifications and further trainings you can contact our multilingual recognition volunteer companions in your proximity:

  • Assistance in the recognition of foreign professional qualifications (in German or your native language)?
  • Contacts for questions about qualification, funding opportunities, and further trainings?
  • Accompaniment to regional recognition offices?

More offers from the multilingual recognition volunteer companions:

  • Referential work about state and national advisory and information centers for the recognition of foreign professional qualifications
  • Low-threshold multilingual referential work (German and native language) for members of their associations about the recognition of foreign professional qualifications
  • Participation in regional working groups, exchange meetings, events, workshops etc., by associations’ members
  • Possibility to organize information events (with external regional partners such as the Employment Agency, responsible offices, etc.) in the associations
  • Bilingual contacts also for members of other associations with the same native language
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